I am not brand loyal unless you’re REI, Patagonia, or some other brand that double slays in their devotion to good marketing and a cause bigger than them. 

Everyone else…convince me. I can be swayed. Here’s some stuff I enjoyed in June:

  • Bruno – When T put this show on I was like k…wut? but it’s actually f’n brilliant and I was riveted. I can’t wait until next season – and there must be a next season. 
  • Parm Crips – They sell them at Publix and they are so delicious and basically just baked cheese crackers but also have 100 calories and 12 grams of protein per three. I travel with them, keep a pack in my car for I’m-so-hangry-let’s-get-taco-bell moments, and always try to have some in the house. Because my appetite can be a little finicky, I love having them to satiate me when I don’t feel like eating anything else. 
  • Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm – I’m on my third tub of this lip balm. Can that be enough for now?
  • Quinn XCII – though I’m never not into Quinn, I’ve been ultra-obsessed lately. I fell asleep to it last night, which was relaxing and wonderful. 
  • Not meditating – Well, it’s true. I have put zero pressure on myself to meditate and I don’t feel guilty about it at all. That’s my meditation, lack of guilt. 
  • Forever – Such a weird and cute show. 
  • Staying in this lovely San Francisco apartment – One of the many perks of my job is that my boss knows literally everyone. Whenever I come to San Francisco for work, I end up staying in one of her friend’s apartments. Always the cutest places, though the one I’m in now is absolutely adorable and way less bachelor-y than the last (no complaints, just facts). I’ve enjoyed sitting at the table and feeling the breeze blow in from the Bay. I could totally imagine myself living here (though I am very much looking forward to being a homeowner again!). 
  • Exploring Chinatown. Such fascination, much wow.
  • The simple joy of making myself a bowl of mushroom ravioli with a side salad. To cook for oneself is such lovely self-care. 
  • Being emotional as hell. It was Gemini season and it hit me hard. So do a new love interest. So did the fact that I’m thirty – already? finally? 

Today, I spent hours in Chinatown. It was everything I imagined and more. Chinese symbols scrawled in red on doors that are older than I am. Watching Chinese women in their thirties expertly mold a flat piece of dough into a familiar fortune cookie shape, effortlessly wrapping a fortune inside it in the process. 

I wandered, I took pictures, I bought the most beautiful silk kimono from Kim + Ono. Here’s the visual version:

What do men who do web design all day smell like? Cologne and deodorant mixed with…HTML? RGB? 

That’s either a really good joke or a really bad one, I’ll let you make that call. 

Man smells – the good kind – is there anything better? The only thing that comes close to the real thing is Boy Smells, a candle company that spins out coconut and beeswax scented with about a dozen different combinations. It’s a choose your own boy smell adventure. 

Me, I went with Cedar Stack, the one in the red jar that is apparently sold out (I got the last one The Human Condition had!), that smells of cedar sawdust mixed with juniper berries and white musk. Heaven.