Today, I spent hours in Chinatown. It was everything I imagined and more. Chinese symbols scrawled in red on doors that are older than I am. Watching Chinese women in their thirties expertly mold a flat piece of dough into a familiar fortune cookie shape, effortlessly wrapping a fortune inside it in the process. 

I wandered, I took pictures, I bought the most beautiful silk kimono from Kim + Ono. Here’s the visual version:

What do men who do web design all day smell like? Cologne and deodorant mixed with…HTML? RGB? 

That’s either a really good joke or a really bad one, I’ll let you make that call. 

Man smells – the good kind – is there anything better? The only thing that comes close to the real thing is Boy Smells, a candle company that spins out coconut and beeswax scented with about a dozen different combinations. It’s a choose your own boy smell adventure. 

Me, I went with Cedar Stack, the one in the red jar that is apparently sold out (I got the last one The Human Condition had!), that smells of cedar sawdust mixed with juniper berries and white musk. Heaven.