Committing right now, right here, to you (whoever you are) and myself that I am not making any commitments in August 2019.

I'm traveling for work the last half of this month, driving 9 hours to VA to get J the day after I get back, turning around to come home the next day, closing on the new house on the third, and then spending all of July with J, including a trip to Universal the Sunday after I close on the house.

While everything I have going on is overwhelmingly positive and exactly what I asked the Universe for (manifesting generator, if you're into human design), it's a lot. All that on top of a divorce.

And a full-time job that requires all of my brain power, plus a few side clients that are more passion projects than profitable.

Since my whole life has been a series of oft-chaotic events I've had to react to and deal with, I didn't even realize exactly how much I have going on. Isn't life always like this for everyone?

Turns out, no.

To most people, all the happenings of my life look like Big Life Changes. To me, if all just feels like life.

I have to draw the line somewhere. August. No extra commitments. I'll still do my job and client work (duh), and if you wanna grab a glass of Malbec or meander through a farmer's market, I'm your girl.

But I'm not signing up for anything else. I need a full month to decompress, to process, to enjoy exactly where I am, exactly where life has brought me.

This means no starting businesses (lol), no new clients, no networking events that aren't necessary, no volunteer projects. Not a damn thing that doesn't fall into either one of these categories:

Mandatory Work or Fun

September? Game on. I'll stock up on school supplies and re-open my calendar for appointments.




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